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  Anhui Huatong Cable Group Col.,Ltd
TEL:0553-6509999 6766777
ADD:New ditch in Anhui Wuwei Industrial Zone
  President Speech

Honored custormers,friends and colleagues:
First of all,I cordially thank every customer,friend and colleague for your and support for Hawto Calbe Group.Your concern is the development of our company;your trust is the powerfor the development of our company;and your support is the guarantee for the development of our company.We thank all walks of life for great support and selfless care and love to Hawto and thank the hardworking workers on every post.
We travel at double speed against wind and rain along the way.For more than twenty years,we have been standing bravely at tide head,fighting for the market,have gone through thick and thin of enterprising.walked through the hard and brillignt journey,the enterprise has becmoe from small to big,from weak to strong and from sales of single products to present pluralized product operation,we are developing in ceaseless exploration nad innovating in reform.
Welcome challenge with past and present efforts.Through baptism of international financial crisis and in the face of new market opportunity and challenge,we weill make full use of own advantages upholding our more than 20 years experience in design,manufactrue,construction and technical service of cable projects,carry with determination,adhere to the people-oriented contept and customer demand oriedtation and operation management of refined principle,develop pluralized high-end cable products,offer high-efficiency and high-quality technical service in order to adjust to special demand of various industrial trades on our products and make efforts in creating and constructing the first-class group enterprises in the cable sector.
With carrying on the past and opening a way for future,Hawto will continue to go beyond itself on the way of brand,cherishes dream and creates a double-win atmosphere of sincere cooperation and pioneering for progress.I hope every friend give your valuable advices on our work,with the care and help of our friend give your valuable advices on our work,with the care and help of our friends and efforts of all the colleagues,we deeply believe that Hawto's tomorrow will be much better!

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